“Flores Massacre”: They rejected a request to release the murderer

An Execution Judge on Monday rejected a favorable measure for the material author of the multiple murder case known as “the “Flores Massacre” that aimed to set the expiration of his life sentence. The murderer, Fructuoso Álvarez González is now 61 years old and murdered on February 17, 1994 four members of the Bagnato family and a friend of one of the brothers after intentionally setting fire to the house they shared in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores.

After the ruling of Judge José Pérez Arias, in charge of the Execution Court 1, the accused will remain in prison and will not be able to shorten his sentence, a benefit that was sought by his defense. Meanwhile, Fructuoso’s lawyer confirmed that she will appeal the ruling within the next ten business days.

One step further Pa, Mami, Fer, Ale, Nico … and today this ruling Abu surely you are celebrating with them! I love you and miss you more ❤️ pic.twitter.com/hZEEQNliHg every day — Matias Bagnato (@MatiBagnato)
April 4, 2022

The magistrate justified the decision by arguing that Álvarez González is not suitable for “the formation of an adequate prognosis of social reintegration.” In turn, he indicated that the possibility of release and / or possible early release of the condemned can be analyzed from 35 years in prison, while Fructuoso spent approximately 23.Matías Bagnato, the only survivor of the massacre, said he had “relief and tranquility” and told Télam: “The first thing that came to mind are my parents and my grandmother. It’s very mobilizing. It is the first opinion I receive without it. I spent all these years with her and now she’s gone.” Bagnato’s grandmother, Norma Calzaretta passed away in June 2020 at the age of 91 and was the only family bond left to Matías, who at 16 survived the “Flores Massacre”, in which his father, José Bagnato (42), died; his mother Alicia Plaza (40); his brothers Fernando (14) and Alejandro (9) and Nicolás Borda (11), a friend of the youngest of them who had stayed to sleep that night. The case
That February 17, 1994 at 3:30 a.m. and after multiple threats to the family for an alleged debt he had with the father, Fructuoso Álvarez González sprayed the entire house located in the neighborhood of Flores with two drums of fuel and set it on fire. The only one who managed to survive was Matías, the rest of the members died in the place.

The house where the family died.

For the fivefold homicide, Álvarez González was sentenced to life imprisonment in November 1995 although 9 years later he managed to be extradited to Spain to finish serving his sentence there, since he had the citizenship of that country. A few years later he was released in the Iberian country, but was finally recaptured in Argentina in 2011 after threatening to kill Bagnato and his grandmother. He is currently imprisoned in the Federal Penitentiary Complex 1 in the Buenos Aires town of Ezeiza.

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