Lower House Constitution Committee Decides to Merge Seven AFP Withdrawal Projects into One

During this day the Constitution Commission of the Chamber of Deputies reached the agreement to merge the seven projects that were presented on withdrawals of pension funds from the AFP into one so that it can advance in Congress.
The proposal of the instance that the project be discussed as one in the different legislative instances, obtained seven votes in favor and three abstentions. This decision must be ratified in the chamber of the Lower House.
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In addition, the candidates proposed by the chamber to integrate the Constitutional Court were also known, among the names are: Carmen Gloria Valladares, Alejandra Precht and Gonzalo Fuenzalida.
Controversy of the day
During the session, some members of the commission requested to hold a special day in which the instance is dedicated to discussing a possible withdrawal of funds, since they allege that the proposal is being ‘delayed’.
In this scenario, the deputy of the Humanist Party, Pamela Jiles, summoned the president of the commission, Karol Cariola (Communist Party), accusing her of trying to delay the discussion of the initiative.

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