This is how AMLO will vote in the revocation of mandate

President AMLO revealed how he will vote in the citizen consultation for the revocation of the mandate, assuring that he will not be either for or against remaining in the Government of Mexico. When questioned about his participation in the revocation of his mandate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador indicated that he would participate in the consultation organized by the National Electoral Institute, revealing how he will do it and what he will put on the ballot. Although the question “Do you agree that Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of the United Mexican States, should have his mandate revoked due to loss of confidence or remain in the Presidency of the Republic until his term ends?” he only has two options that emulate “yes” and “no”, AMLO assured that his answer will be different. Read more: Qatar Airways could arrive in Mexico with flights to AIFA: Marcelo Ebrard “Once and for all I’m going to tell you that I can’t vote for one thing or the other, but if I have to go and vote, because a Democrat has to participate always, when it comes to making decisions, but as is my case, it’s like when I voted for president, because I was voting for Monsiváis, for Elenita Poniatowska (…) Now I’m going to vote, I’m going to put on my ballot “long live Emiliano Zapata” because it’s April 10,” the federal president said. President Andrés Manuel plans to go to his corresponding polling place in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, near the National Palace, early in the morning, as he has done in previous votes accompanied by his wife, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller. The revocation consultation, derived from the Federal Law of Revocation of Mandate promulgated in September, causes controversy because it is promoted by President López Obrador himself, so the opposition has accused him of promoting “a permanent campaign” to mobilize his bases. Read more: They go through phase 3! López-Gatell calls for participation in the trial of the Patria vaccine against Covid-19A total of 92.82 million Mexicans will be able to participate in consultation this Sunday, April 10, while the opposition campaign continues, inviting citizens not to attend the polls, considering that, by constitutional order, Andrés Manuel must remain in power until he reaches his six-year term.

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