Government announces creation of program to soften increases in the prices of basic foods

During this day, the Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela, announced the creation of the “Sowing for Chile” program, which seeks to mitigate the increases in the prices of products derived from cereals and wheat, along with supporting small agriculture.
The Minister of Agriculture said that the Government is already diagramming the measures to support small agricultural producers, in order to “be able to substantially alleviate this increase in inputs and thus be able to contribute to our food security and the containment of agricultural prices.”
“The next few days will be announced the form of application of these programs and the implementation, especially through our Institute of Agricultural Development, the Indap, which will be focused on this task,” Valenzuela explained about the applications to the “Sowing for Chile” program.
Oil rise
The armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia has caused several commodities to suffer increases in their prices, one of them has been oil, because the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin closed exports of the oil raw material, making the product scarce worldwide.
Under this line, the Secretary of State said that they hope that during the next few days the problem will be solved although they made the call to look for alternatives.
“We hope that this will be medium-term and that it can be corrected in the next six months. Therefore, we call for responsibility, pragmatism to look for alternatives, innovations and in the coming days we will publish recommendations for the effective and lower cost use of alternatives for daily food, “said the minister.

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