Launches Mhoni Seer shocking prediction about Luis de Llano

Again the Cuban pythoness Mhoni Vidente steals all the attention, this after she launched a prediction about the producer Luis de Llano and Sasha Sokol, assuring that the case will be only the beginning of a great scandal. The most famous seer in all of Mexico launched an alarming prediction in which she assures that Luis could lose his life when facing justice, unleashing all kinds of reactions. After Sasha Sokol again referred on Twitter to the issue of her abuse by the producer, Mhoni took the opportunity to comment on the matter, explaining that the case will directly affect her state of health. He gets the death letter, this letter tells me that he is definitely going to go to trial, very strong legal issues are coming towards him thanks to Sasha Sokol and several people are going to come out. However, the death letter is going to be behind Luis de Llano, I visualize that it will give him a heart attack or something very serious, “said Mhoni Vidente during his section in El Heraldo.La affectation on the health of the producer would be present once he begins to cross the courts to face justice for his actions. “He’s a person of almost 80 years, he’s not going to be able to handle that, he’s going to suffer a heart attack or a stroke,” he said. Finally, the Cuban astrologer mentioned that it is possible that cases similar to that of Luis de Llano and Sasha Sokol will arise, stories that would generate great controversy in the public eye. Read more: What does Indigo mean, named after Camilo and Evaluna Montaner’s daughter? Graduated from the degree in Communication Sciences of the Autonomous University of the West Culiacán unit, generation 2015-2019. I joined EL DEBATE companies as an intern in the printed newspaper area in the entertainment section, where I had the opportunity to cover events and interview different local figures. At the end of my training period I managed to obtain employment in the same company, starting in the web area, where, for two years, I have worked as a reporter in the different journalistic genres, covering news content, conducting interviews with new talents and nationally recognized figures keeping our readers informed about the medium of the show. In the same way, I have been focused on news about tourism and travel sharing the best destinations to visit both in Mexico and around the world. See more

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