Votes necessary for the validity of the Revocation of Mandate

CDMX.- On Sunday, April 10, 92 million 83 thousand 216 Mexicans will be able to go to the nearest polling place and vote for or against during the Revocation of The Mandate of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). That day could mean a before and after of modern history in the Mexican Republic, because although the level of approval of who leads the National Executive is high, not all citizens want to see it end the six-year term.  Even so, the revocation of AMLO’s mandate is not simple, because, regardless of the final result of the votes on April 10 (he leaves or stays) a requirement must be met to be official according to the Political Constitution.Read more: Making these mistakes will nullify your vote in the revocation of AMLO’s mandate: INELópez Obrador: 2018-2024 or 2018-2022? Regardless of whether the majority of Mexicans vote for or against in the popular consultation, at least 40 percent of those who are registered on the Nominal List must go out to vote, this, to ensure that the results are binding, that is, mandatory. The aforementioned percentage represents 37.1 million Mexicans with a valid electoral credential to vote, of the 92 million 83 thousand 216 who will be able to participate in the Revocation of Mandate both in Mexico and abroad. If during the election day of the following Sunday that amount is not reached, the results will not be valid, President López Obrador will continue in the National Palace until 2024 and the consultation will remain as an exercise of a historical nature. All this was announced by the National Electoral Institute (INE) in the video called “What will happen to the results of the Revocation of Mandate?”, published on the Youtube channel “INETV”, where the body in charge of defending democracy in Mexico publishes diverse information. If you want to participate in amlo’s Revocation of Mandate either for or against, but you still do not know how to find your voting center, the INE enabled on its website “” the option “locate your box”. In this space you can obtain the exact point where the voting team composed of the ballot boxes, tables and officials who will carry out various activities will be installed. Read more: At what time will the boxes for AMLO’s Revocation of Mandate be installed? To use the INE web application you only have to enter the number of your electoral section and give “accept”; to find it you just have to look at the front face of your voter card. My name is Juan Pablo Chaidez Aispuro, born in Culiacán, Sinaloa in a small family whose nucleus was originally made up of four people: father, mother and two children. From my early years I showed a taste for watching news and staying informed. I was a graduate of the 2014 – 2018 generation of the degree in Journalism, from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS), the first in that career since its opening.  As for the professional experience, I was able to gain apprenticeship during a period of six months in the sports area of the newspaper Noroeste, where I did professional practices. Later, I had the opportunity to spend another six months in the ranks of Radio Sinaloa, particularly in the news program Informativo Puro Sinaloa, of the state government. There I covered local issues, recorded voice for the newscast, contributed content for other broadcasts and had live participation. Since 2020 I am in Debate, a company that opened the doors for me to integrate as a web reporter, and months later to occupy the position of Editor in the site See more

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