Casa del Migrante is already a civil association in Guamúchil

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- After a year of efforts, the Casa del Migrante is finally a civil association, recognized and official, and therefore it will be able to function properly as an aid and support agency for migrants who pass through the city of Guamúchil, Sinaloa.La founder of the newly designated association, Daría Valenzuela Valenzuela, said that with the constitutive act it is expected that the Casa del Migrante can already be made official and begin to operate with a fixed base. It was a year ago when the defender of the rights of migrants presented to the previous Cabildo the request for the donation of a land where a building could be built that would serve as a refuge for all those who are passing through. Read more: High prices continue to hit the family economy in GuamúchilBefore such a demand, the Alderman Corps asked him to register the Casa del Migrante as a civil association, so again the head of this body will go to the municipal authorities to redo the request after having registered the constitutive act. “I have yet to register the minutes, but we expect a positive response with the donation of the land,” he said. Daría Valenzuela Valenzuela explained that a plot of land located in the Las Garzas subdivision was already planned, however, it will be waiting for an affirmative response from the City Council and in turn the allocation of a land of the association, to later begin with a construction that allows to grant a roof for migrant women and children. He also pointed out that being already a civil association, citizens have the opportunity to make their economic contributions tax-free and protect this sector, which has little support.” There are many people who want to support these vulnerable people,” said the migrant advocate. The founder of the Casa del Migrante expressed the importance of a fixed and safe place, which is a kind of temporary stay for all those people who pass through the city, since many of them are women and children who must pay for a hotel to spend the nights. Read more: Salvador Alvarado adds a new case of Covid-19; there are 5 active cases in the Évora region “The children I see on cruise ships give me a lot of pity, you need a place for them,” said Daría Valenzuela Valenzuela, an advocate for migrants. All meat on the grill to revocation

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