Russia bans advertising of Google and its products in the country

Russia’s communications regulator, Roskomnadzor, issued a statement arguing its decision to ban the distribution of advertising from tech giant Google and its products. According to the text, the measure is due to the “numerous violations” of the law by the YouTube video service in relation to the so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine.
The regulatory agency said that, for these violations, it has decided to introduce “coercive measures of an informative and economic nature.” Roskomnadzor specifically imposes a “prohibition on the distribution of advertising by Google LLC and its information resources as an object of advertising,” it says.
Discrediting the Russian Armed Forces
In addition, Russia wants Internet search engines, such as Russia’s Yandex, to inform users about the U.S. company’s “violations.” Roskomnadzor believes that YouTube has become a key platform for the “dissemination of false news about the progress of the special military operation,” as Russia calls its offensive in Ukraine, and discrediting the Russian Armed Forces.
“Additionally, YouTube does not fight against the dissemination of information by extremist organizations, such as the Right Sector and the nationalist Azov regiment” of Ukraine, says the Russian communications regulator. It claims that, to date, Google or YouTube have not removed more than 12,000 such materials, despite warnings.
“Discrimination” by Russian media
It also maintains that, since April 2020, some 60 incidents related to “discrimination” by the YouTube video service with respect to content from Russian media, the government, public and sports organizations and personalities have been identified.
Roskomnadzor especially complains about the “blocking” of accounts associated with Russian state media such as Russia Today, Rossia 24, Sputnik, defense ministry channel Zvezda, RBC, NTV (Gazprom Media television network) and “many others.” The regulator warns that the bans will be in place until Google “completely” remedies violations of Russian law.

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