The Care Cuts and +Care Prices programs are renewed

The Ministry of Domestic Trade ordered the renewal of the +Prices Care and Care Cuts programs, while launching a new basket of products for local shops and another of fruits and vegetables at reference values in supermarkets.
These last two initiatives “aim to reduce the dispersion of prices in the daily consumption of Argentine households,” said Internal Trade in a statement, where it stressed that “the Government thus deepens the policy of baskets with reference prices to take care of the pockets of workers.”

In this framework, as of today, the new stage of +Precios Cuidados begins to govern, the annual agreement with more than 150 leading companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of mass consumption, which contemplates a wide and varied basket with 1,359 quality products, representative of the average consumption of Argentines in various items and categories. To that are added another 404 products that are incorporated from the entry into force of the private trust for flour 000 and dry noodles that participate in +Precios Cuidados, whose creation was published in the Official Gazette on March 5, which yields a total of 1,763 products for this new phase of the program. In the period that extends until July 7, new review guidelines were agreed that will be 6.37% average for the entire quarter, and that will be implemented with an average monthly correction of 2.3% until May 7, 2.23% until June 7 and 1.71% in the last month.
The program integrates an extensive range of products in the areas of warehouse, cleaning, bookstore, perfumery, personal care and hygiene, articles for babies, pets, fresh as dairy, cold cuts, fresh pasta, tapas of empanadas and cakes, frozen and beverages. The products will be available every day of the week in large retail and wholesale supermarket chains such as Jumbo, Vea, Disco, Changomás, Coto, Carrefour, Día, Josimar, La Anónima, Libertad, Vital, Cooperativa Obrera, Súper Santiago, Supermercado Himisa, Beltran, Blü, Borbotti, El Solar, El Zorzón, Único, El Abastecedor and Alfa.
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