AMLO to Ken Salazar by electric law

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador responded to the statements of Ken Salazar, U.S. ambassador to Mexico, who warned that the resolution of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), on the law of the electricity industry, will open the door to endless litigation, generating uncertainty and obstructing investment.
The president maintained that his government would do the same since this decision does not violate any treaty.
“It is as Ambassador Ken Salazar puts it in his text, we can disagree respectfully. He talks about the fact that there can be legal actions, we would also do the same, because we are an independent, free country,” he said during his morning conference.

He says @lopezobrador_ that the Mexican government “would also do the same,” in the face of the warning of the US ambassador to Mexico, @USAmbMex, that with the Electricity Industry Law there would be legal actions.
— Animal Politico (@Pajaropolitico) April 8, 2022

He assured that in the US there are pressures between them and there is a custom that legislators and politicians receive money from private companies, so if there is a company that feels affected, deputies and senators “have to align.”
He stressed that unlike the United States, he does not go to international panels or organizations for not complying with immigration commitments.

“I’m not going to go tell President Biden why he doesn’t fulfill his commitment to regularize migrant countrymen. He proposed it and has not fulfilled it, but I will not be attending international panels. We will continue to be respectful,” he said.
“There is no violation of any treaty, and we are very respectful of freedom of expression, even in excess we prefer that, that everyone can demonstrate.”
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