Reform of the Council of the Magistracy: how the project continues after its approval in the Senate

The Senate approved last night the reform project of the Council of the Magistracy, after the Frente de Todos reached an agreement with provincial blocs to add the votes of alberto Weretilneck and the missionary Magdalena Solari Quintana.La initiative promoted by the ruling party modifies the composition of the body, after the Supreme Court of Justice declared the unconstitutionality of the reform approved by Congress in 2006, and order Congress to pass a new law within a maximum period of 120 days. After its approval, the bill was turned over to the Chamber of Deputies. However, it seems difficult for the lower house to deal with the bill before April 15, the deadline, as decided by the highest court of Justice.” The Senate approved the bill amending the Council of the Magistracy. There is half a penalty. Before April 15, we must have a new law. There are 4 business days left. Time is very scarce to give in Deputies a responsible treatment to an issue of this caliber, “explained the head of the bloc of the Frente de Todos en Diputados, Germán Martínez.The official project raises to 17 the members of the agency and creates four federal regions within the agency, which will meet in the interior of the country periodically with the goal of providing it with greater federalism. However, it leaves the Supreme Court out of the conformation.What if there is no new law before April 15? The body will return to its pre-reform conformation to the 2006 reform, with 20 members and headed by the president of the Supreme Court, in this case, Horacio Rosatti.” Council of the Magistracy: the file on constitutionality of the current law entered the Court on 22/08/2017. The ruling came out on 16/12/2021. 1,577 days of analysis. Deputies have only 4 working days to approve a new law, according to the deadline set by the same Court, “Martinez added on his Twitter account.Beyond the short time, it is also not clear if the ruling party has the necessary votes to approve the rule in case it is treated before Friday. It is that Together for Change has already advanced its rejection of the initiative, and without the support of the Federal interbloc and non-Kirchnerist Peronism, the Frente de Todos would not reach the necessary 129 adhesions.

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