Generation Zoe: Leonardo Cositorto will arrive in the country tomorrow after being extradited

The transfer of Cositorto to Argentina is in charge of the federal investigation division of fugitives and extraditions of Interpol Argentina that tomorrow, around noon, will travel with the detainee to arrive at midnight at the international airport of Ezeiza.The agents had traveled on Friday to the Dominican Republic to bring the leader of Generation ZOE to the country but, in the absence of a Covid vaccination card, on Saturday they performed a PCR test to establish whether or not he had coronavirus before boarding the flight. Cositorto is expected to be transferred to Villa María, Córdoba, starting On Tuesday, where the headquarters of that organization operated and the case for “illicit association and fraud” to the members of the organization is filed. Last Friday, the head of Generation Zoe of the city of Córdoba, Mariela Sánchez, accused of alleged “repeated scams and illicit association”, was arrested in the framework of the case investigated by the prosecutor of Instruction, Juliana Compays.With the arrest of Sánchez there are 20 accused under the jurisdiction of the justice of Villa María, in all cases for scams to savers who were captured to invest millionaire sums in pesos and dollars. 

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