How to get better sports performance

It has been shown that 30 minutes a day of exercise, five times a week, are enough to produce changes at the muscular level and for a more efficient use of energy. This will lead to decrease fat mass, increase lean mass and prevent different diseases, some cardiovascular, bone, diabetes or hypertension, in addition to maintaining an adequate weight.
In short, the practice of physical exercise contributes significantly to improving the health of our body both from the physical and mental point of view.
But every exercise should be done in the right way to avoid injury. In case of presenting any persistent pain or discomfort it is better to have a medical evaluation, to avoid major or chronic injuries.
The traumatologist of Clínica Indisa Nicolás Fontecilla, suggests some recommendations to perform your favorite sport in the best possible way.
What is meant by healthy physical activity?
In simple words, for the specialist “it is that activity that is carried out consciously, according to the particular conditions of each individual”. Given this, we must take into account the frequency, duration and intensity to promote or improve the state of health of each person without exposing them to any type of risk.

Food and hydration
Proper nutrition and hydration is essential for the health and performance of athletes. “Food should provide enough energy to provide all the nutrients you need based on your daily caloric expenditures. Just like cars use benzine, our body needs carbohydrates for physical activity,” says Dr. Fontecilla.
That is why you should eat a light meal between 1 and 3 hours before training, and drink water before, during and after training.
Warm-up before and at the end of physical activity
Perform short and moving exercises, without impact and preparation for movement, as well as stretching exercises at the end, to relax the body and avoid subsequent injuries.
Perform at least one annual medical check-up
It is of the utmost importance to carry out at least one medical check-up to evaluate your physical conditions, and thus perform exercises according to your level of demand to avoid sports injuries.
Wear comfortable clothes according to physical activity
It is necessary to wear garments that allow you to develop with total naturalness and comfort in the exercise you are doing. Given this, you must choose the specific clothing for each sports discipline.
Avoid exposure to high temperatures while exercising
You should keep in mind that the ideal temperature for physical activity is between 18 and 23 degrees. Above 24, degrees you must strive to lose heat and you can suffer various problems.

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