“The Fair is a distraction”, Holy Week are days to meditate; Bishop, Juan Espinoza

Aguascalientes, Ags.- The Catholic Church in Aguascalientes, disapproves of the National Fair of San Marcos, also popularly known as: “The Fair of Mexico”, because the institution considers that it is a very strong distractor for the Catholic faithful, as announced at a press conference by the Bishop of the Diocese of Aguascalientes, Juan Espinoza Jiménez.  The celebration of Holy Week worldwide, as well as the holidays that are granted by the Secretariat of Public Education and companies, has one objective, mentions the Bishop and that is to generate awareness about the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made throughout the world.  He stressed that these days citizens have to be kept, they must be days of meditation and respect, because the dates of the April festival are spliced with Good Friday of the Catholic ChurchRead more: Weather forecast, Aguascalientes April 11, 2022 “The fair is very beautiful for you who host it, but I think we must keep at least on Friday which is a day to meditate, but we know that Friday is the beginning of the fair and after two years without a party people leave and it will be worth this holy day and the most important day for the Catholic Church, “said the Bishop of the Diocese of Aguascalientes, Espinoza Jimenez.  On other issues, during the celebration of the National Fair of San Marcos, people will no longer have the obligation to wear masks, as stated by the Governor of Aguascalientes, Martín Orozco Sandoval. It will no longer be essential to wear a mask in closed places, this means that establishments can no longer force citizens to wear it, the choice of its use is free for each person.  Read more: Scarce participation in Aguascalientes by Consultation of Revocation of Mandate “It is already up to everyone to take care of themselves, the “bug” exists and has not left, so everyone decides but we must not lower our guard,” said the Bishop, Espinoza Jiménez.  On the other hand, it is expected for this 2022 edition, of the National Fair of San Marcos, an economic spillover of 8,000 million pesos, which will be used for economic reactivation at the state level after two difficult years of pandemic.  They confiscated them and ran it! Girl earned one thousand 300 pesos selling sweets in a school.

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