“For immense moral damage”: French justice requests millionaire compensation for the family of Narumi Kurosaki and ex-boyfriend of the young woman

The French justice system found Nicolas Zepeda guilty of the premeditated murder of his ex-girlfriend Narumi Kurosaki, sentencing him to 28 years in prison. Along with this, the court accepted the request of the family of the young woman, granting compensation with the concept “immense moral damage suffered”, which has to be paid by the accused.
Meanwhile, the defense has ten days from Tuesday to appeal the jury’s determination.
The jury’s verdict came after four hours of deliberation, where members determined that there was premeditation on Zepeda’s part to commit the crime, evidenced by evidence in the days before and after Kurosaki’s disappearance in December 2016, in the city of Besançon.
According to Franceinfo, added to the prison sentence, the French court accepted the request of the Kurosaki family, granting compensation of 50 thousand euros for each father (more than 44 million Chilean pesos) and 40 thousand euros to each of his two sisters (35 million pesos) for the concept of “immense moral damage suffered”.
In the same way, compensation was given to Narumi’s ex-boyfriend, Arthur del Piccolo, who will receive the sum of 5,000 euros (4 million pesos) for moral damage that will be donated to a charity, this after being pointed out by Zepeda for the disappearance of the young Japanese woman.

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