Cristina Kirchner: “To be put in a band and given the cane is not to have power”

The Vice President of the Nation, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, sent a message today in the midst of the internal one that crosses the Frente de Todos. “We talk about power when someone makes a decision and that decision can be applied and is respected by society as a whole. That they put a band on you and give you the cane, a little bit it is, and believe me… and I say that from experience. I don’t tell you if you don’t do the things you have to do, nor do I tell you, but hey… let’s leave it there,” said the head of the Senate at the opening of the EuroLat Assembly at the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK). The head of the Senate – who does not speak with the President – spoke publicly again in the midst of the internal of the ruling front, which intensified in the last hours with cross statements by officials who respond to the majority sectors of the ruling coalition. In her speech, the vice president referred to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on global political and economic life and highlighted the role of the State in the midst of the health crisis. “The pandemic was a tragedy that disrupted lives, governments and the entire planet, but I think it contributes to the debate over inequality. We live in an increasingly unequal world and the pandemic has only accentuated that inequality,” he said. The pandemic reinstated the idea of the state, he said. What would have become of all of us if the states did not intervene? For someone to continue to deny the importance of the state is a fool or a cynic.” The former president, who was received with a standing ovation, pointed out that “inequalities are the product of political decisions, or the lack of them,” and pointed out against the “economic powers”: “They are never judged.” During the pandemic, the private sector received all kinds of help. Now the market tells us that they are their profits and that the others burst. It’s not worth that. As the boys say, ‘I don’t play that way anymore,'” he said.

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