Little activity in truck station in Mazatlan despite vacations

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Little activity is recorded in the facilities of the truck station in Mazatlan, despite the beginning of the holiday season.” At the moment it is presenting calmly hopefully in the rest of the afternoon it will begin to increase, “said Álvaro Peña Torres.La expectation is to increase from 160 trucks to 200.Read more: They announce Expo Livestock Fair in Mazatlan; The vacationers who arrive by the trucks of the plant are from Mexico City, Aguascalientes, Monterrey, Tijuana, Querétaro and Culiacán.He assured that they are a formal transport option, this after the issue that most visitors arrive with charter trucks. In the aforementioned facilities they do not lower their guard against Covid-19, they continue to use the antibacterial gel and mark the chairs so that the healthy distance is respected. María Elena López arrived in Mazatlan from Aguascalientes, mentioning that it is the second time she has visited the port.” This is the second visit I make to Mazatlan, the truth is that I am amazed because it is very beautiful and safe, of course I would continue to come, every time I have the opportunity, “said María Elena López. Topolobampo, Sinaloa, welcomes visitors with aeronaval combat
I started as a local reporter in El Debate Mazatlán in 2020, during my work I have witnessed various manifestations of the fishing sector, as well as the meetings that have been held by the displaced people from the south of the state. I have also covered events with leaders of the region, I have gone to colonies in order to report the needs that afflict low-income families, I have also made live broadcasts to inform citizens at the moment what is happening in the port. See more

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