A 19-year-old boy died of a bullet in the back in San Nicolás

According to police sources, a 19-year-old boy was killed by a bullet in the back in the Buenos Aires city of San Nicolás, after being attacked by two men who were on a motorcycle. The incident occurred on Wednesday night, in Fontella and Chacabuco streets of that city located north of the province of Buenos Aires, where the victim, identified as Milton Valentino Arinella (19), was with a group of people. At that time, two men who passed by on a motorcycle shot the young man, who was shot in the back and had to be later transferred to the San Felipe de San Nicolás Hospital. After the attack, the attackers escaped, while Arinella died in the clinic as a result of the wounds caused by the bullet, sources in the case told Télam. Based on the information provided by witnesses, investigators identified two suspects who had a history of weapons abuse committed last February and for which one of them had been previously arrested. According to the sources, this afternoon the police personnel of the 3rd police station. of San Nicolás carried out different investigative tasks with the aim of finding the two alleged attackers. According to the spokesmen, one of the hypotheses handled by the investigations into the crime of the young man is that of a possible settling of accounts.

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