Scrat finally gets the acorn: this is how Blue Sky Studios says goodbye

Two decades have passed since the public first witnessed the adventures of Manny, Sid, Diego and all the other animated characters who starred in the premiere of “The Ice Age” in 2002. And a recurring and funny story was, without a doubt, that of the clumsy squirrel Scrat, as desperate as it was unfortunate, that wanting to get acorns always in one way or another ended up losing them. But finally, in a farewell video from Blue Sky Studios, the team of animators showed the iconic character achieve his mission: to taste the coveted fruit. 

Titled “The End,” the video comes three years after Disney’s $71 billion acquisition of 21st Century Fox, through which Blue Sky Studios became the property of The Walt Disney Company.At the time (August 2019) they had announced that Andrew Millstein, former director of Walt Disney Animation Studios, he was named co-president of Blue Sky alongside Robert Baird, while Pixar Animation Studios president Jim Morris would serve as a consultant. But in February last year, Disney announced it would close Blue Sky Studios after 34 years of existence. A letter from Blue Sky co-founder Chris Wedge then stated: “For the past thirty-four years, we, like our character Scrat, have sought something that sometimes seems unattainable. Yet time and time again we’ve managed to put our arms around our own versions of that elusive acorn.” Unfortunately, it is not possible to hold on to anything forever. We’ve had more fun bringing our movies to life than anyone should afford. We hope you could have felt some of that joy. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being with us all these years.”

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