Michelle Renaud says how to overcome a breakup

Mexico. Mexican actress Michelle Renaud gives guys so you know how to overcome a breakup. Through her social networks, the beautiful ex-girlfriend of actor Danilo Carrera talks about her experience in the field of love. Michelle posts a video in which she mentions what needs to be done to process a breakup and says it can be achieved in large part by “living and feeling it.” Grief at the end of a relationship can be very painful, but it is important to live it, not to be afraid of it, the sooner you assume and let yourself feel that emptiness, the faster you will get out of it.” Michelle, protagonist of the telenovela Le herencia, which is currently broadcast on channel 2 Las Estrellas, hints that she would not return with Danilo Carrera and also says why it is not good to return with an ex. “The worst mistake is to believe that for fear of feeling that emptiness you must resume that relationship that already showed you that does not work. Your ex-partner may be the best person in the world, but he’s not necessarily the best person for you.” The beautiful actress originally from CDMX emphasizes in the same video that you have to know how to respect “in what we think happens in the life of the other person”, since you can not know for sure what you feel. Read more: Pedro Sola reveals he would like to try a relationship of three or more peopleMichelle Renaud, 33, invites her friends and followers on Instagram not to repress their grief and to cry what you have to cry, ensuring that this way you get ahead faster. Video of an alleged UFO sighting goes viral on Tiktok
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