“Tinta y Tiempo” the long-awaited new album by Jorge Drexler can already be heard

When Jorge Drexler began to make this album, he never thought about everything that would come after it. The first songs began to come out during the lockdown, where uncertainty and difficulty had become everyday. However, the Uruguayan singer and songwriter managed to solve it by moving to a universe full of light. Thus, after 30 years of musical career and almost five years after the acclaimed Salvavidas de hielo -his previous album- Tinta y Tiempo finally arrives, along with the video clip that accompanies a homonymous song.

Tinta y Tiempo, the song, is one of those pieces in which Drexler reaffirms himself as a composer and as a performer, a simmering theme in which the dilemma of artistic creation beats. The author brings us closer to his compositional process in a delicate and intimate song in a hybrid of baguala and soleá by bulerías.
This song premieres accompanied by a video clip directed by the director Joana Colomar, -already a regular collaborator of the Uruguayan, responsible for his last two video clips- a black and white piece that challenges the urgencies of our time and seems to slow down time. This last video closes the trilogy of this beautiful imaginary (after “Tocarte” and “Cinturón Blanco”) ending in a blank canvas, which leads us directly to the cover of Tinta y Tiempo.

Each piece achieves its conceptual totality, which is rounded off with the contribution and arrangements of 
Fernándo Velázquez, who directs the interpretation of the
Orchestra of the Community of Madrid for this album.

The production of the album has been directed by Carles “Campi” Campón and Jorge Drexler himself, with the occasional collaboration of other producers such as
Víctor Martínez, C. Tangana, Rafa Arcaute, Federico Vindver, Didi Gutman and Pablo Drexler. It is worth noting that the album is already available on all digital platforms.

The mix has been in charge of the Brazilian engineer Daniel Carvalho who worked on the mixing of the latest albums of Caetano Veloso and Marisa Monte, among others. All of them have put their talent at the service of Tinta y Tiempo.
With the premiere of Tinta y Tiempo, Jorge Drexler starts an international presentation tour, which already has confirmed dates such as Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, the United States, Brazil, Colombia and Spain.

Tickets for the last confirmed performance at the Gran Rex Theatre can be obtained in the system

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