Strong accident in General Paz

Early data indicated that the accident occurred while a driver was chasing another who had previously rammed him. In a matter of seconds several vehicles hit each other and one was left turning in the middle of the highway. A policeman was injured and taken to a nearby hospital. The incident took place before 7 to 150 meters from Avenida de los Constituyentes, direction Río de la Plata. It all started when the driver of a Volkswagen Bora model car was overtaken at high speed by a Fiat 500 that ripped off his rearview mirror. As a result of what happened, the person would have accelerated to try to approach the second shot and “gather information”. In full maneuver, the Bora hit a Fiat Fiorino truck, which in turn lost control and caused a chain crash with a Ford Focus and a Peugeot 307, which overturned as a result of the blow received. On board the last car was a Member of the Federal Police who was injured and was referred to the Pirovano Hospital.The incident caused a total cut in the area, where the authorities carried out the expert reports and worked on the removal of the vehicles. The Criminal, Contraventional and Misdemeanour Prosecutor’s Office No. 6 by Jorge Taramelli.

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