“El Michoacano” is linked to process after being recaptured

Hidalgo.- This Saturday, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Hidalgo (FGJ) announced that this day was linked to the process José Antonio “N”, alias “El Michoacano”, for the crimes of qualified homicide and aggravated kidnapping. It was on December 1, 2021 when José Artemio, along with other inmates, escaped from the Tula Prison, in the state of Hidalgo, after being rescued by an armed commando who broke into the Hidalgo penitentiary center. Through a statement, the FGJ of Hidalgo announced that this Saturday, April 23, El Michoacano, leader of the Pueblos Unidos Cartel, was linked to the process, for the crimes of qualified homicide and aggravated kidnapping.Read more: So far in 2022; 23 police officers have been executed in ZacatecasIt was on April 18 of this year when agents of the state Public Ministry attached to the Specialized Unit in the Fight against Kidnapping (UECS), in coordination with state and federal authorities, carried out an operation in Mexico City that resulted in the reapprehension of José Artemio.The leader of the Mexican criminal group had already been subject to process upon receiving the accusation for the crime of qualified homicide, this gave rise to the initial hearing of November 26, 2021.The offense that was charged was in offense of a person who was deprived of life with gunshots on December 14, 2017, while the victim was driving a van on the Tula-Tepatitlán highway.In the initial hearing, José Artemio invoked the duplicity of the constitutional term in order to solve his legal situation and, consequently, the Judicial Power issued as a precautionary measure preventive detention against him. After that, El Michoacano was interned in the Social Reintegration Center of Tula de Allende, in the state of Hidalgo. However, in less than a week, the leader of the Pueblos Unidos Cartel was rescued from prison by an armed group; along with him 8 other prisoners escaped. Read more: Two alleged murderers of the multihomicide registered in a bar in Morelia, Michoacán After having arrested him again on April 18 of this year in Mexico City, as a result of another folder against him, José Artemio was charged with the crime of kidnapping aggravated by events dating back to July 2021 in Tula.

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