Five arrested after raids in Buenos Aires neighborhoods

According to police sources, the detainees are accused of selling narcotics under the modality of drug dealing in those neighborhoods: the gang would have links with the fugitive Raúl Martín Maylli Rivera, alias “Dumbo”. After learning this information, members of the Southern Investigations Division of the Anti-Drug Investigations Department of the City Police requested authorization from the Specialized Fiscal Unit for Investigations of Crimes Related to Narcotic Drugs (UFEIDE) to carry out the investigative tasks. After receiving the authorization, the Buenos Aires force began the work and verified that, in both neighborhoods, several people were selling narcotics. Officers obtained a large amount of evidence and also a witness of reserved identity endorsed the descriptions of the police personnel. For this reason, the justice system ordered the nine simultaneous raids inside the Mugica and Bermejo neighborhoods that were carried out with the collaboration of the Judicial Investigations Corps (CIJ). As a result of the operations, five people were arrested, all of them of Argentine nationality: two men aged 18 and 49 and three women aged 23, 27 and 46. During the raids, 25,790 pesos in cash, three cell phones, 480 doses of cocaine and seven bags with 20 grams each of the same substance were seized. In addition, 17 buckets of marijuana and 559 grams were seized in another bag, cutting items, bags for wrapping and precision scales. 

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