Longchamps: four young people died in a major accident

Four young people died this morning after the car in which they were traveling collided violently and at high speed with a tree on a boulevard on Hipólito Yrigoyen Avenue, in the Buenos Aires town of Longchamps, official sources said. The accident was recorded around 7 on Yrigoyen Avenue at 19000, at its intersection with Roger, when, for reasons that were being investigated, a black Mitsubishi vehicle lost control, climbed the boulevard and hit a tree. The four occupants of the vehicle – two women and two men – were dead when the medical personnel and firefighters arrived at the scene, after the call made by members of the 4th police station of Longchamps, in the south of the Buenos Aires conurbation. It was specified that two of them were 16 years old, another 18 and four 20 years old. According to a video from a public road camera, the car was coming at high speed along Yrigoyen Avenue when it tried to pass another vehicle, lost control and hit the tree. The case was handled by prosecutor Carlos Pérsico, of UFI No. 10 of the Lomas de Zamora Judicial Department, and was labeled “culpable homicide, vehicular traffic accident.” 

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