Mazatlan lives good Easter Week in tourist influx

Sinaloa.- A success had the port of Mazatlan in the week of Easter. The delegate of the Fecanaco, Miguel Hernández Fonseca, stressed that two events came together, the Easter holiday period and the Motorcycle Week, and this brought good results. Good affluence In the case of visitors who come to participate in the sporting event of Motorcycle Week and national vacationers who come to the port for the season, Miguel Hernández said that more interested people arrive, although they did not register at the convention center. Up to 25,000 motorcyclists arrived in the city. Since last Friday it has been detected that each person spends around 6,500 pesos. Read more: Officials lament red balance in Easter Week in Mazatlan “The people who come to the Motorcycle Week are of a high purchasing power, then, the economic spillover continues in Mazatlan;  first Holy Week now Easter, “said Miguel Hernández.During the parade of the motorcycles there were good expectations to improve the influx. After the Easter festivities are over, there will be a meeting with the three levels of government to see what the final results are, and what will be the measures that will be taken so that this type of situation does not affect the place. Inversiones Hernández Fonseca said that there are many investments that exist in Mazatlan in tourism, industrial, commercial and shipping issues. Around more than 200 permits exist in the offices of the City Council for developments of the aforementioned turns to be made.” North of Mazatlan, the issue of logistics; there is also the shipowner. In the Center, the Lighthouse area; Mazatlan lives a bonanza in the issue of public and private investment, “said Miguel Hernández.El Dato Isolated case Before the murder of one of the motorcyclists, the leader of the Fecanaco said that they are regrettable facts, but it can not be seen as a situation that comes to change the course of fate. They hope that the authorities can clarify the case. Boat collides with whale in La Paz, Baja California

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