They bless with mass in the cathedral, the collection of the Mazatlan Red Cross

Sinaloa.- After blessing the start for the collection of the Red Cross, the vicar general of the Diocese of Mazatlan, Jaime Aguilar Martínez, asked those attending Sunday Mass and the population in general to support. The Catholic Church as every year, donates the proceeds during the celebration of the Eucharist in the Cathedral Basilica Immaculate Concepción.Al the end the ceremonies the priest delivered the alms to the president of the board of trustees of meritorious institution, María Teresa Gallo.Read more: Holiday period leaves a spill of 2 thousand million pesos in SinaloaThe directive reiterated that they have a goal of 3 million pesos, Started very well on the day of the flag and they hope to fulfill it with the support of citizens and businessmen. The Eucharistic celebration was attended by managers, volunteer ladies, lifeguards and citizens. Gallo explained that they already have a list of entrepreneurs who are going to donate, also the DIF will make its contribution on Tuesday. Boat collides with whale in La Paz, Baja California
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