Derbez replies to AMLO by Tren Maya

Actor Eugenio Derbez said that he was the only one, of the members of the #SélvameDelTren campaign, who canceled his participation in the meeting with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to talk about the Mayan Train; he asked him not to lie because no one will believe him that he will not throw trees for the work.
In a video published on his social networks, he explained that it was not on a whim not to go to the meeting but for work reasons, since he is recording a film with an American studio, a project scheduled for two or three months.
“They canceled them yesterday 24 hours before the meeting, arguing that the members of this movement – the celebrities – had said that we were not going to attend. Which is false because I already talked to everyone and it is not true, nobody said that I was not going to attend, the only one who said that I was not going to attend was me for this reason, because I am shooting a film with an American studio.

“I was the only one of the 70 or more than 70 singers, artists, environmentalists who make up this group who said I couldn’t for work reasons… It wasn’t a whim,” he said.

My answer about the Mayan Train.
— Eugenio Derbez (@EugenioDerbez) April 25, 2022

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After President López Obrador presented today in the morning a photograph where he assures that the actor was at the inauguration of Xcaret Park, Derbez reverted and told him that this image is from four years ago, when he attended the Platinum Awards ceremony.
“Xcaret opened in 1990, in 1990 I was a baby I did not have the face I have in the photo they exhibited today in the morning. You don’t have to lie because if they lie then they won’t believe them that they’re not going to throw down any trees or destroy cenotes,” he said.
On Sunday afternoon, it was reported that President López Obrador canceled the meeting he had planned at the National Palace with environmentalists, activists and artists who oppose the construction of the Mayan Train.
In the morning conference on Monday, the president said that it was the artists who rejected the dialogue and that they wanted “real or supposed” environmentalists to be received, of which they have certain doubts.
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He added that the meeting with artists and environmentalists involved in the campaign #SélvameDelTren was canceled to prevent “corrupt conservatives from wanting to use us.”
“It turned out that those who appeared on television, in the media rejected dialogue, said no. What is the actor’s name? Eugenio Derbez and others, and they wanted us to receive real or supposed environmentalists, who we do not know and that we even have certain doubts about their performance, then the best, so that they do not use us, because it would already be the last straw that corrupt conservatives wanted to use us. The best thing is that they are attended by the Ministry of the Environment,” he said.
‘Did not cancel’: sélvame del Tren collective
Members of Sélvame del Tren held a press conference after the cancellation of the dialogue with President López Obrador, where they reiterated that there was no cancellation by the collective.
They specified that at the request of the federal government, 10 citizens attended, including actors, scientists and local specialists, to talk about the construction of section 5 of the train and its affectations.

“He canceled us a few hours ago. We were asked for a list of 10 people who appeared in the video that was made. We are Mexicans we are not adversaries, we are only not in the position to endure the damage that is being done to the planet and much less that a megaproject is made without environmental impact studies, “said one of the members of the collective.
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