Third day of search begins in Jalisco for mothers

Guadalajara, Jalisco. – Mothers seekers from Sonora, Jalisco and other parts of Mexico, began the third day of search in the field in Jalisco for people who were disappeared and who could have been victims of illegal burial in clandestine graves. The mothers were for the third time in the Chulavista neighborhood, now in stage three of this area belonging to Tlajomulco de Zúñiga within the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara (ZMG), a point where it has already yielded positive locations. During Monday, the mothers worked in a building after a report by the same source who at the time reported two homes that turned out to be positive, so the activists search in detail in the so-called farms. Read more: Advances in San Juan de Dios market premises after fireAfter the activities, two houses were pending within San Felipe Street, those of number 109 and 124, this due to the hardness of the earth, which means that they must wait for this Tuesday the uses of the backhoe that the municipality of Tlajomulco will provide. mothers are expected to check other points where there is a report that she might see a clandestine burial, which signifies the hope of a mother who communicates with them through social networks. At least 83 people who had a report of disappearance in Jalisco, were located in a span of a week this in various search actions implemented by the authorities throughout the state territory. According to information from the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Missing Persons, belonging to the State Prosecutor’s Office (FE), between April 16 and 22 nine women were located under the coordination of the Alba Protocol while five minors were located with the Amber Alert protocol. Reported in a statement the state agency, this in search of people who have been missing or not located. Within the first period between April 16 and 22, 53 operations were implemented, highlighting that they are both in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara (ZMG) and different points in the interior of the state, establishing at all times the gender perspective. Read more: Liga Mx_ Atlas awaits caravan and full at the Jalisco Stadium At least three searches were also held in different facilities, this as part of the work related to open investigation folders, allowing the collection of test data integrated into the cases. Likewise, 639 people were attended who went to the FEPD facilities to carry out various procedures, in addition to the fact that 146 psychological attentions were provided as part of the comprehensive care received by the people who come to the institution. Violence in Jalisco Cup football: players beat referee

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