Balotelli revealed his intention to play in Boca: “If Roman calls me…”

As part of the Twitch broadcast in the match between Manchester City and Real Madrid, Sergio Agüero spoke with his former teammate, Mario Balotelli, and the Italian revealed: “I would like to play in Boca.” In this sense, with his usual sympathy, the Kun asked him: “A club from Argentina that you like?”, while the former striker of City, Liverpool and Milan, among several, replied: “From Argentina I like Boca. I would like to play in Boca one day.”

Faced with this response, Agüero told him that the current vice president of Boca is Juan Román Riquelme: “Do you know who the vice president of Boca is? It is Juan Román Riquelme. People always ask you… ‘What if he calls you Roman?'” he said and joked: “Look at the title I took out, Mario… now they hire me as a journalist.” For his part, the current player of Adana Demirspor of the Turkish Super League did not shrink and was willing to have a conversation with the idol Xeneize: “I come if he calls me. We all grew up watching videos of Maradona or Riquelme in Boca. And I always said that at least one year of my life I want to do it in Boca.” To the long list of world idols fans of Boca was added Mario Balotelli. The former Manchester City striker shared a stream with his teammate, Sergio Agüero and responded in a very serious tone to Kun’s question: “an Argentina club you like?” “Boca”,so dry and short was the response of the Italian, who then added: “I would like to play in Boca”.

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