Government considers social dialogue initiated for pension reform: it will seek to validate social security principles

The President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, officially began with the social dialogue for the reform of the pension system. At the ceremony, which was held at the headquarters of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the President also referred to SMEs.
These talks, which will take place throughout the country, will seek to validate social security principles. This, on the basis of those who will govern the new pension system. The dialogue will establish a tripartite agreement between workers. employers and the State.
President Boric referred to the process and reaffirmed a dialogue with SMEs, who asked for “greater clarity” regarding the increase in the minimum wage, alluding to the fact that it is not known “what types of compensation” the government would deliver.
This was indicated by the vice president of Conapyme, Héctor Sandoval, who commented that “the government indicates that there will be a transitional compensation for SMEs, but it does not say what type of compensation, for how long it will be and how it will be executed, if a contribution will be delivered to the employer or is a direct application of the worker to some fund or to some system.”
The moment President Boric arrived at ILO headquarters, he met with members of the group “Con mi Plata NO”, who were waiting for him with a canvas alluding to the cause, with whom he talked and responded to their proposals.

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