Cabildo de Mazatlán approves agreement to create inclusive beach

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The councilors of the City of Mazatlan, in Session of Cabildo, pronounced in favor of the point of agreement presented by the mayor of the PAS, Francisca Osuna Velarde that demands a feasibility study be prepared so that the beaches of the municipality have adequate infrastructure to be inclusive. The councilor of Morena Roberto Rodríguez, stressed that this project comes from the previous administration that at the time promoted together with the president of the DIF Mazatlan, it required an investment of 12 million pesos and especially the permits of the federal authority. If today “they allowed the construction of a restaurant, why not push for the inclusive beach,” said the councilor. The mayor commented that he supports this proposal, but it will have to be concretized to a beach, because otherwise it could not be materialized in this government. Cabildo de Mazatlán approves agreement to create inclusive beach | Photo: Víctor Hugo Olivas / Debate The PAN councilor Martin Pérez stressed that Mazatlan must join to having inclusive beaches as other countries already have and this as a tourist destination gives greater impetus. The Moreno councilor Claudia Peña Chico, recommended that the DIF System be invited to join this proposal, since they have much to contribute. Read more: Administration of the “Chemist” will ask for credit of 60 million pesos in MazatlanThe full council promised to promote this point, first turn it into an opinion and then approve it to start working on the inclusive beach. Rubén Rocha, the government route
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