Graciela Alfano told the interns of “Partners of the Show” after her resignation

After she slammed the door and submitted her resignation to “Partners of the Show”, Graciela Alfano was visiting LAM and told details of the internment between the drivers and the panelists. One of the details that caught the attention was the data he released about an attitude of Rodrigo Lussich towards Karina Iavícoli, one of the panelists. “I have witnessed things in the cuts that I think the protagonists have to tell. But something happened once between Karina and Rodrigo,” Grace opened the game.Then she expanded: “It was quite a tense situation for me. What I don’t like is when there is screaming in the cut; there was a situation between Rodrigo and Karina that made me very tense. He yelled at Karina and she was quiet, she was not comfortable,” she said. He continued: “I found it unpleasant. At that moment I was re-embolada in the cut and I was woken up by Rodrigo who hit some screams. Karina is very polite and she was benched, but to me that kind of treatment …” he said making a grimace of disagreement. Then on his disengagement from the cycle he said: “I was hired by Adrián Suar. They imposed me on the channel.” Then, he clarified about his crossing with Adrián Pallares: “I understand that I am a mine that talks about sex, my relationships and I have a position. First I thought he was getting bad about this and tried to lower the decibels. But then I realized it was all the time, every time I spoke he got sick.” I left because I didn’t contribute anything and the driver was in a bad mood. What’s the point?” he added. “I don’t need anything from the program, to make you suffer, I better leave. The drivers didn’t greet me, there was no eye contact,” he said. 

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