Google will allow you to delete data and personal information from search results

Through a statement on its blog, Google unveiled a new set of policies that allow people to request the removal (in this link) of certain content when they find it in search results, including personal contact information such as a phone number, an email address or a physical address. The policy also allows the removal of additional information that may pose a risk of identity theft and adds to other data whose deletion has already been possible to request for years, such as bank accounts, credit card numbers that could be used for financial fraud, medical history or handwritten signature images. “The availability of personal contact information online can be puzzling, and can be used in harmful ways, even for unwanted direct contact or even physical harm. And people have told us that they would like to have the possibility to remove this type of information from the Search in some cases,” they said. When we receive deletion requests, we will evaluate all content on the website to ensure that we do not limit the availability of other information that is widely useful, for example, in news articles. We will also evaluate whether content appears as part of the public record on sites from government or official sources. In such cases, we will not make moves.” Maximizing access to information while empowering people to be in control of their confidential and personally identifiable information is a fundamental balance that must be struck. We believe these updates are an important step in achieving that goal and in giving people the tools they need to protect their online security and privacy.”

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