Irrevocable holiday for Labor Day: what are the shops that will open and those that will remain closed this Sunday, May 1?

In Chile, May 1 is an inalienable holiday for the commemoration of International Labor Day. Because of this, various services will not be operational.
At the end of Sunday, most people will not have an extra day of rest, but they will have certain commercial spaces available.
According to the Labor Directorate, as stated in Law 19,973, it is an inalienable holiday for all commercial workers, except in the following places: Clubs, restaurants, cinemas, live shows, discos, pubs and cabarets.
They will also be able to open commercial premises in public civil airfields and airports; gambling casinos and other legally authorized gambling sites; in addition to the “benzine pumps” and the premises that operate within them, serving prepared foods that are consumed in the same place.
Likewise, they will open emergency pharmacies and pharmacies that must comply with shifts set by the health authority.
The same legislation establishes that workers in shops that are not within the non-waivable holidays, will have the right to these breaks once every two years.
Along with the above, supermarkets will not be able to operate at any time during this Sunday, May 1.
This situation was reported by companies through their websites or social networks, so large chains such as Jumbo, Lider, Unimarc, Santa Isabel, Tottus and others, will not be able to open during the Sunday day. In that line, they will return to operate their premises from Monday, May 2.

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