| Britney Spears, the pop princess who returns post #FreeBritney to regain her throne

Britney Spears gave us the most iconic hits and temons of the 2000s. Today we give you this Filo.música.

We all hope that the princess of pop, heir to the scene that crowned Madonna, will return, now free, to make the music she wants and how she wants. But do you really remember how what happened came to happen? Britney was one of those girls who from girls put all the chips to be stars. He was born in Kentwood, a town in Louisiana, in the United States, on December 2, 1981.At the age of 3 he started taking dance classes, which were later joined by singing and artistic gymnastics. At the age of 8 he just went to audition in Atlanta, Georgia for the Mickey Mouse Club, a show that was originally created by Walt Disney in 1955. Since she was too young to enter, she had to wait 2 more years. In 1992 he finally entered the Mickey Mouse Club with classmates who tmb would later be superstars such as Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake.In 1994, the program is canceled and Britney takes advantage to make a typical life of adolescence. By 1997 he got bored and sent a demo to several labels in New York. several rejected her because they were looking for groups like the Spice Girls or the Backstreet Boys, and they said that there was not going to be another Madonna. One of those, Jive Records, says yes. And from there it’s all history.
Their first two albums, “Baby one more time” and “oops i did it again”, spearhead the renewal of pop that was to characterize/exploit the early years of the 2000s. With “Im a slave 4 u”, the main single from her third album “Britney”, comes this iconic presentation at the MTV VMAs of 2001 that had the famous cage, the tiger and the python. With “In The Zone”, her fourth album, which had toxic & “me against the music” ft madonna, the Britney phenomenon was inflated and the pressure of the media also grew. This discazo is followed by a couple of sequences that were cannon fodder for this journalism of chimentos as it was to get married in Las Vegas and annul it 55 hours later; getting engaged to dancer Kevin Federline three months after meeting him, and even putting out a reality show with him that she was later going to call one of the worst things she had ever done. With Britney and Kevin starting a family, music took a back seat and the media began to focus on their personal lives. In September 2006 the couple separated and at the beginning of 2007 everything began to plummet: what happened? around this time her aunt, Sandra, with whom she was very close, died, and her personal assistant Felicia stopped working for her after years together. This is the time when he goes to rehab for a day, shaves his head at night and the media talks about mental breakdown and even attempted suicide. In January 2008 a confusing episode gives rise to what we know as conservatism that grants legal guardianship to one person over the assets of another. Under this legal figure he releases 4 albums: “Circus”, “Femme Fatale”, “Britney Jean” and “Glory”, and heads a two-year residency in Las Vegas reaching up to 100 shows.a podcast carried out by Britney fans broadcasts an audio of a person who was part of her legal team that says the following: 1. that it was her father who canceled the residency in Las Vegas because she did not want to take her medication 2. who was in this psychiatric facility against his will since January for breaking a rule that said he “couldn’t drive” and 3. that the preservation should have ended in 2009, that is, 10 years earlier. Here is born the FREE BRITNEY, this movement to end the conservation, which receives support from celebrities around the world, civil rights associations and even leads to demonstrations in the streets. It’s been 6 years since his last work, “GLORY” and four from his last tour. Since 2019, when he started the fight to end the conservatism, he refused to release music to just be in charge of his own decisions. Recently she had deactivated her Instagram profile but now she is back and she is super active: sunsets, outfits, dances, music. Whatever, she looks happy and that’s the important thing. And if he gives us music, even better.

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