The Minister of Health predicts that coronavirus cases will increase in winter

This Friday the Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, said that the positive cases of coronavirus “will increase in autumn-winter” and assured that the efforts of the authorities during that period are concentrated on that situation “does not translate into hospitalizations and deaths.” This was indicated by the head of the Health Portfolio from the Salta town of Animaná, where she participated in an activity for the Vaccination Week of the Americas. “What we are looking for is not that there are no cases. We know that they will increase in autumn – winter, what we have to achieve is that this does not translate into hospitalizations and deaths,” he explained. In the same vein, the minister said that Argentina has a contingency plan regarding the pandemic that “is different from the beginning” because vaccines are available and a part of the population has already contracted the virus more than once. Asked about the moment in which the end of the pandemic can be considered, Vizzotti warned that the virus will not disappear from one moment to the next but will be added to others of habitual circulation.

“We should not think that it has already happened. We must continue to vaccinate. We have to wait for the cold to pass and, the more we get vaccinated, the fewer infections we will have,” he said in statements quoted by the local media El Tribuno.As for the use of masks, he recalled that each jurisdiction must decide if it maintains the mandatory use in certain spaces. However, he noted that its use in enclosed spaces is still important: “It is still an important tool,” he emphasized.

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