Commerce of Culiacán, greatly affected by ambulance: Sánchez

Sinaloa.- Again, informality, ambulance, ‘fleeced’ the sales of the established trade of the Culiacán center, during Children’s Day, as happened on February 14, Day of Love and Friendship, declared Óscar Sánchez Beltrán.The president of the Union of Tenants of the Center of Culiacán (ULCC) said that once again they were affected by this lack of control that exists in the ambulance in the municipality of Culiacán, and it is urgent that the authorities bring order. Dissatisfaction “We did not manage to reach the sales we had planned of 60 and 70 percent, we were at 30, 40 percent maximum, and this comes to seriously affect our finances,” said Sánchez Beltrán. Read more: Women, the main victims of family violence in SinaloaIndicated that they continue to accumulate more merchandise that they have not managed to place. He mentioned that they still had the hope of recovering a little this Children’s Day, however, the same thing happened as on February 14, the Day of Love and Friendship, when the ambulance stayed with sales. He explained that: “this situation can no longer continue, it is not possible that there is no control, there is no regulation by the municipality.” In this sense, Óscar Sánchez asks: “what is happening? Why isn’t the mayor intervening? Who is behind this ambulance business? It is very important that this is investigated, we can no longer continue.” Demonstration Likewise, the leader of the tenants calls on the municipal president, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, to support them in this situation, even launching a warning: “if there are no pertinent actions in this regard, soon we would be taking the City Council; we are organizing the merchants to take the municipality, the City Council. It is not possible for this situation to continue. Read more: Estrada’s trial does not imply removing the 12 councilors of the city council of CuliacánWhat is the message for the established trade? Go to the streets? If so, let them tell us at once. We are going to go and look for spaces in the camellones, on the sidewalks of the city to put our businesses.” Sánchez Beltrán expects the established trade to have a rebound in sales next Mother’s Day. We are afraid to go out on the street, women of Zitácuaro
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