Fire registered in a factory in the commune of Maipú: firefighters have already controlled the flames

During this afternoon there was a fire in the CIC factory, located in the commune of Maipú, which Firefighters already reported that it is controlled.
According to information provided by 24 Horas, the incident occurred on the corner of Avenida Esquina Blanca and Los Tilos, near Camino Melipilla and 200 firefighters participated in its control.

Video via Twitter: @13Providencia
The commander of the Maipú Fire Department, Andrés Alegría Toledo, said in the same media that the incident began at 4:50 p.m. and at that moment there were workers inside the factory, so it was the company’s brigade that first worked.
He also indicated that there are no injured people and that it was a complete job, since “around 200 firefighters, 25 cars from the Metropolitan region together with the Maipú fire department” participated.
Alegría also reported that it was a fire of “high complexity”, since in its surroundings there was an oil and fuel factory. “It was an arduous task since we had a large amount of material that the CIC company works on in the construction of its furniture and beds,” he said.
Meanwhile, from Transporte Informa added that Firefighters have already finished with their work, but congestion remains in Esquina Blanca and Camino Melipilla.

(17.40) UPDATE: Fire Procedure in development for factory fire in Esquina Blanca with Buenaventura (between Los Tilos and Las Torres). Congestion is maintained by Esquina Blanca and by Camino a Melipilla. Caution #Maipu
— TransporteInforma Región Metropolitana De Santiago (@TTISantiago) May 2, 2022

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