Yanina Latorre told what Tini’s mother told her about the romance with Rodrigo de Paul

Yanina Latorre was a guest at Intruders where she was reunited among other things with her former companions, Flor de la V and Maite Peñoñori. There the panelist did not hesitate to talk about the issues of the moment and revealed an infidence regarding the romance between Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo de Paul.At the time, Yanina maintained a spicy cross with Estefi Berardi about the different versions that existed about the information, and dates of the beginning of the relationship between the singer and the footballer and there Latorre had assured that she had data from Tini’s direct environment. that in the cycle of shows he said: “When all the scandal broke out I received an important call from Europe, I spoke with three sources.” I’m a friend of Mariana (Tini’s mom), but I never told her about it. Then I called Mariana and said ‘they told me this, I never told you about it, but I got this data and tomorrow I’m going to tell it’. She told me to tell it quietly,” he added. And he closed: “To have this story I used Diego. I needed to get to Madrid and used their contacts. I even talked to Camila’s lawyer. I get a story and all I do is tell Tini’s mother that I’m going to tell it whether she wants to or not and not get angry,” he concluded.

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