“I am not your lolita”: the youth that rises up against sexism, machismo and the sexualization of adolescence

A few weeks ago, the Chilean writer and university student of psychology, Dominique Clarke returned with a new book in which she talks about the pressures that women live during adolescence and how important empowerment is at that age.
Clarke, after the success of “Insurgent Woman” took the pen again, but this time from fiction with “I am not your lolita”. In this novel she portrays what it is like to grow up in a macho society, the cultural impositions that women face and discovery during adolescence.
This work emerged “to explain the fundamental pillar that is the female narrative not only in literature, but also in culture and academia,” she says. For the writer, the first time she realized that this happened was when she began to read “classics” and universal literature that people told her had to be read.
“The more male authors I read trying to embody the female perspective, the more misrepresentations I discovered,” he points out, for example, in Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, Nabokov Wesas’ Lolita “were not women, they were manipulative, cruel, ill-intentioned, or naïve and innocent beings who knew nothing about life,” he says.
The plot of the novel is about a teenager raised in Santiago, who from one day to the next is attracted to women’s literature, this changes her vision of the world. “Along with this rediscovery, she is growing and facing the daily but arduous problems that young women in society entail,” she says.
One of the important themes of “I’m Not Your Lolita” is teenage love. “An entire chapter is dedicated precisely to this and I would like to deepen it even more in future books, since it is very problematic not to have healthy love references,” he says.
The author summarizes her novel as a story of confrontation and questioning, but also of sarcasm, love, friendship and Chileanism.
You can find the book here.

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