La Vela Puerca premiered “Discopático” perhaps his most successful album to date?

Discopathic: “the one who holds the disease of the discs. This affects the intermusical disc that is formed by a vinyl substance called LP. It is lodged between each groove and its function is to provide happiness to the ears.” This is how the Uruguayans of La Vela Puerca define the title they gave to their eighth studio album and perhaps their most log album?
From the album we already knew three singles: “La Pastilla” with the rapper Arquero, “Jugando con Fuego” and “Tormenta”, the main course, ft Andrea Echeverri from Aterciopelados. Yes, the same one that gave us his, precisely, velvety voice for the unplugged version of “The City of Fury” with Soda Stereo.In all three La Vela vibes is distilled. Especially in “La Pastilla”, which sounds more like “Full of magic”, but more spoken. In fact, “Discopathic” is a bit all like that.” Contra el viento” is track n1 and starts with the voice of Sebastián Teysera peeled. The long rhythm in the middle of a word, not in the obvious fragment. Perhaps this is a valid statement for the rest of the disk. It is immediately followed by “Plan de fuga”, one of the most characteristic rhythmic themes of the Uruguayan group.

“Treasure” is the longing present in the brand of LVP all. We already talked about “La Pastilla”, so we went directly to “Lo Pactado”. In this song we do discover something new: a psychedelic synthesizer that amalgamates perfectly to the classic winds of the band while still appearing as a risk taken.” Playing with Fire” is undoubtedly the most rocking song on the LP. Powerful riff, challenging lyrics, and references to the concrete jungle. 10/10. Suddenly, making us go down a thousand changes, comes the introspective “On your floor”. With guitar, cello, and a shy wind that peeks out post stirrup, we are forced to look inward, at least of the one who sings, and put ourselves in that place to lament, although enjoying the process at the same time.” If it were up to me” he lifts up little by little, and then we find “Tormenta” and “El Paraíso”, whose guitar belongs to Tito Fuentes de Molotov. The end of the album is relieved with “Para Siempre” and closes doubting in lyrics but not in sound with “No sé”, pure guitar and tribune choirs.
It has been more than 25 years that La Vela Puerca has been as such. As at the time “Piel y Hueso” (2011) arrived to mark the maturity after the mega success of its predecessors “A contraluz” (2004) and “El impulso” (2007), now “Discopático” paints the group mature, experienced, better armed and eager to be more than just a rock band. With this more finished sound they will be presented by several cities in Spain from mid-May. Starting in June they will embark on a tour of the Argentine interior crowning with a Luna Park on October 6 and a show at the Municipal Velodrome of Montevideo on November 19. Great present for La Vela.

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