The film “Virus 32” opens the Bilbao film festival

Bilbao. The Argentine-Uruguayan film “Virus 32”, a horror story with “infected” shot in the middle of the covid pandemic, opens this weekend the screenings of the Fantastic Film Festival-Fant of Bilbao.The festival starts with an inaugural gala at the Arriaga Theater, after which the international premiere of “Virus 32”, by the Uruguayan director and screenwriter Gustavo Hernández, will take place, and that could be seen for the first time last April in Argentina and Uruguay.Conceived before covid, the film was shot in the middle of the pandemic, when the coronavirus arrived in Uruguay with “special virulence”, but it could be completed just two months ago with a small isolated film crew in a “bubble”, as explained today by the producers of the film.   In “Virus 32” a pathogen is unleashed and a chilling massacre runs through the streets of Montevideo. The “infected” become hunters and only calm their fever by unscrupulously killing those who have not yet fallen ill. The protagonist, Iris, must protect her daughter from this situation, with the only hope of salvation in that, after each attack, the attackers seem to have 32 seconds of peace before reloading. The film, of 89 minutes and with a script by Juma Fodde and Gustavo Fernández, has as protagonists Daniel Hendler, Paula Silva, Pilar García and Franco Rilla.After a screening for the media, Ángel Sala, Isaac Torras and Joan Lluis Goas have explained this Friday that it is the first film they produce and have highlighted the “rare catharsis” that meant shooting a film about a “terrible pandemic crisis” when “really” it was living a pandemic health situation due to a virus.” We were fascinated with what they were sending us from the shoot. They looked like live scenes”, they have indicated in an appearance with the director of Fant, Justo Ezenarro.Se it is an “original” vision of the cinema of “zombies”, but in this case the director (he has not been able to move to Bilbao) prefers to call “infected”. Read more: Ernesto D’Alessio denies problems with his younger brother César D’AlessioThe producers have stressed that Fant is the first festival in which “Virus 32” will be screened and that, after its premiere in Argentina and Uruguay, “all the reviews have been fantastic”. In Spain at the moment it has no distribution, although it will be available to the public on an American horror film platform. The Compa Camarón now takes his rooster to the Motorcycle Week

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