Caballito: a 26-year-old man was arrested accused of carrying out scams on Whatsapp

The arrest was made by members of the City Police after a raid on a house located on Curapaligüe Street at 100 of the aforementioned neighborhood, within the framework of an investigation for scams under the modality “Hacking of WhatsApp”. The sources indicated that the investigative tasks began when a man reported that several acquaintances had contacted him to ask if he had changed his phone number, since they had received messages from the alleged new number with his profile picture with legislative and judicial personalities. The victim did not know the number as his own and proceeded to contact the police to file the corresponding complaint, the sources detailed. Based on what the victim reported, the Investigation Department carried out surveys of calls to those involved and carried out analysis of the banking movements until they found a suspect, whom they managed to locate and identified the address in which he lived. After that, the National Criminal and Correctional Court Number 4, in charge of Martin Yadarola, issued the search warrant to carry out the procedure in the suspect’s home. As a result of the operation, the police seized two cell phones, a notebook, 32 cash withdrawal tickets, a notebook with notes of movements of interest to the cause, payments, money collections, debit cards, prepaid cards and proof of a money transfer. The Justice endorsed the actions of the police personnel, ordered the transfer of the detainee to the corresponding Mayor’s Office and ordered proceedings for the crime of “fraud”.

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