Kitten rescued in Sinaloa with tumors weighing almost 1 kilo

Navolato, Sinaloa.- Tumors weighing up to almost a kilogram has carried for several years a gray kitten from the community of Balbuena in Navolato, Sinaloa, which was left to fate, pregnant and in labor, that a young woman noticed and called the Balto foundation and Togo, Welfare and Rescue, to help her, but donations are required to pay for veterinary expenses. The rescue of the kitten was carried out this Saturday, May 7 and while she was transferred to Culiacán, the feline began to complain and they realized that their offspring were going to be born and that a very complicated afternoon was looming due to the state of health of the animal. The abandoned pet was rushed to a veterinary clinic and the huge tumors, which to date are unknown how many, but four have been counted so far, prevented the life of one of the three kittens that were in his womb from being saved. Read more: They commemorate in Sinaloa the 296th anniversary of the birth of Miguel Hidalgo and CostillaMarisela Castaños, animal protector, lamented that one of the offspring did not manage to survive the birth, because it required a cesarean section and only two have good conditions and the third was already dead. To this misfortune, it is added that the gray kitten can not feed her babies, and milk and bottles are required for these two small pets, which is vital to make them stabilize during the next 24 hours. Kitten with tumors weighing more than 1 kilo | Photo: Courtesy The kitten can move, despite her delicate state of health, but she has astonished the animalists of how she was able to survive in the face of the enormous weight she has carried by the tumors, which continue to grow and that, thanks to the intervention of a person, who wishes to adopt her and give her a roof, help was requested to cure her, for being of scarce economic resources. If you like to support this kitten, you can make donations from 20 pesos and more money, to complete to pay for the cesarean section, care for the two offspring, sterilize it and remove the tumors and surely chemotherapy. Read more: Sinaloa Science Center, in Culiacán, invites you to see the lunar eclipseAdportations to the account:
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