Libertarians open the door to Macri and the ‘hawks’ of Together for Change

The Buenos Aires legislator of La Libertad Avanza, Ramiro Marra, said on Sunday that the liberal party would be willing to incorporate Mauricio Macri and the ‘hawks’ of Together for Change “if the ‘pigeons’ are taken off their backs.” We would have to add him (Macri) to the Freedom Avanza. Let him come to the internal of La Libertad Avanza,” said the economist, making it clear that they would only go to an internal one with the president within the libertarian party, which already has Javier Milei as a candidate for president. “We are doing him a favor, do you think that Macri wants to be with the radicals and Lilita Carrió?” he said. The figure of the libertarian deputy generated an internal crisis in Together for Change, which the coalition tried to close with a meeting of its National Table and a statement that only sowed more doubts regarding the unity of the opposition front. It is that the hardliners of the PRO exhibited points of agreement with the economist and even slipped the possibility of incorporating him into the coalition. This met with strong resistance from the party’s moderates, radicals and the Civic Coalition.Marra also extended the invitation to the cambiemita hawks. “Let Macri come with all the hawks,” he said. “Of course,” he clarified, “let the pigeons be taken off their backs because, if not, we are not going anywhere.” The Buenos Aires legislator affirmed that libertarians are the real opponents of Kirchnerism and took aim at the opposition coalition. “They are not opponents, they vote everything the same,” he said. And he said: “Clearly we are the real opponents, we are going to beat Kirchnerism and Together for the position (sic).” He also argued that the problem of Together for Change is not Milei, but the differences between its referents: “The problem is with them. We never asked to enter Together for the position (sic). The statement shows that they have a barbaric conflict.” On the other hand, he denied any kind of sympathy with Kirchnerism. “We don’t have any kind of closeness, theirs is a political problem, ours is an economic problem, that’s the big difference. Theirs is because they are trying to occupy a chair and capture more power, we want the economy to work,” he said.

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