Axion and Shell increased the price of their fuels

Axion and Shell anticipated YPF and increased fuel prices on Sunday between 10.5% and 12%. The increase, which takes effect from this Sunday, is the third of the year. Unlike in previous years, when YPF was the first to raise prices, companies announced increases at the pumps without the state company modifying its values. In this way, in the city of Buenos Aires the reference prices in the case of Axion became $ 122.7 for super naphtha; $150.2 per Quantium naphtha; $120.3 diesel X10; and $144.3 per liter of Quantium diesel. Meanwhile, in Raizen-Shell the Shell V-Powe naphtha went on to cost $ 149.5 per liter; super naphtha, $123.2; the Shell V-Power diesel, $145.2; and Shell Evolu Diesel, $118.2.Oil companies argue that their prices remain behind, even with the May update. They point out, in that sense, that there is still 18% to reach an equilibrium price, as long as the value of the dollar remains around $200.” For four years we have been operating in survival mode. First it was the recession, then the pandemic and now an economic context of uncertainty, marked by new peaks in inflation, the delay in prices, the shortage of fuels and parity that exceed the sector’s ability to pay,” said Gabriel Bornoroni, president of CECHA. He added that “while the price of super naphtha increased 17.5% from June 2021 to March 2022, consumer prices increased 39.7%, food and beverage prices increased 43.8%, the price of fresh sachet milk increased by 29.1% and the price of French bread increased by 45.4%.”

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