Social movements call for a federal march for 48 hours in front of Casa Rosada

“For genuine work and wages, against adjustment, hunger and poverty.” That is the slogan of the social movements that called for a federal march for 48 hours in front of Casa Rosada. The mobilization would begin tomorrow and last until next Thursday. However, President Alberto Fernández will be absent due to the international tour he leads. One of the organizers is Eduardo Belliboni, who in dialogue with NA explained that the march will begin at 8 and will be attended by demonstrators from all over the country to converge with more than a hundred to Plaza de Mayo. At the same time, from Unidad Piquetera explained that there will be more than 100 convening points that will mobilize their columns. In that sense, the demonstrators assured that “the Federal March is becoming a mass event throughout the country and highlights the unity of the occupied and unemployed unprecedented in recent years.” In turn, they expect around 300,000 demonstrators who will express themselves against Alberto Fernández and the Minister of Social Development, Juan Zabaleta.It all began when the national president established, together with the official, not to extend the Empower Work program to more beneficiaries. In this way, unions, internal commissions, delegates and activists will seek through this mobilization “to reflect the state of the situation of workers throughout the country.”

The organization of the Federal March will be as follows: the columns that leave from the Northeast and Northwest of Argentina are concentrated in Retiro, while the demonstrators who come from the provinces of Cuyo and Neuquén, are nucleated in the neighborhood of Once and the third column that will bring together those who come from Patagonia, the interior of the province of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires, do it in Constitution. So from the three neighborhoods they will march towards the Plaza de Mayo. 

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