The metro makes you lose kilometers

Sheinbaum can’t be blamed for maintenance, but he sweats other people’s heats. It never ceases to amaze that the head of government of CdMx, Claudia Sheinbaum, squanders the political capital of her privileged closeness to President López Obrador.
Affective and political, such proximity would already be liked by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard or, even, Adán Augusto López, the Secretary of the Interior that some believe is another possible third “corcholata”.
His departure from what seemed solid probability of contending for Morena for the next Presidency of Mexico already adds who knows how many kilometers with the surprise disqualification, and declaration of judicial hostilities, against the company that hired to carry out an independent expert report of the collapse of a year ago on Line 12 of the Metro.
In the metaphor of distance, there were hundreds of meters that he had lost by tacitly joining the insidiousness that the National Autonomous University of Mexico (his alma mater) “has been right-wing”; others more for inadvertently violating the Constitution by making propaganda forbidden to the failed revo-ratification; Stoke the lynching of the 223 federal deputies who stopped the electrical counter-reform with the infuse that they are “traitors to the homeland”, plus those accumulated in the literal repetitions of how many dislates, insults or lies utters its popular protector.
If he remains in the presidential preference for 2024, he does not seem to care about the predictable collection in ballot boxes that will be made by voters, especially from the middle class, who opted for the opposition in half of the mayor’s offices of the capital he governs, who did not fall into the tricky consultation of April 10.
If the previous pifias can try to justify them by their ideological and political convictions, the lawsuit with the signature that first extolled so much is more serious because it underlines the turbidity that has been reproached to the 4T in the management of public resources, given the prevailing opacity in the lists of beneficiaries of social programs, the direct allocation of work contracts and acquisitions, as well as the disappearance of schemes that benefited battered women and children in children’s homes and full-time schools.
The demonization of the third report of DNV (Det Norske Veritas) as “tendentious, deficient and false”, suppose a “conflict of interest” for detecting at the wrong time a lawyer who litigated against López Obrador and the determination to keep its content secret, reeks of containing observations about poor maintenance during the management of Florencia Serranía in the direction of the Metro (“I am only the director”, he went so far as to say), that is, during sheinbaum’s rule.
With the signature, however, it was agreed that the expert report should include the “collection of information for documentary analysis that includes design, construction, rehabilitation, intervention, operation, maintenance and supervision.”
Making known what is hidden would make Claudia recover mileage…

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