Inflation in April was 6% and accumulates 23.1% so far this year

Inflation in April was 6%, according to the Indec report published on Thursday. Although the index shows a slowdown compared to the month of March, the figure is still bizarre and in the last 12 months inflation accumulates 58%, it is the highest figure since 1992.One of the items that most pushes inflation is that of food and non-alcoholic beverages that during the month of April rose by 5.9% and the products with the greatest influence were meats and their derivatives, bread and cereals, and milk, dairy products and eggs. In addition, among the foods that rose the most in Greater Buenos Aires were wheat flour, with a rise of 16.1%, and sunflower oil, with 13.5%, affected by the jump in the world value of grains.
On the contrary, the categories of Regulated prices and Seasonal prices, exhibited decelerations to mark 3.9% and 5.4%, respectively. Among the items with the highest incidence in the variation, the items of Clothing and footwear stood out, which again led the increases, with an increase of 9.9%; Restaurants and hotels, which suffered a rise of 7.3%; and Health, which rose to 6.4%, the latter driven by authorized increases in prepaid. It should be remembered that in March prices had climbed 6.7%, their highest monthly mark since 2002. With the April issue already published, in the first quarter there was a cumulative average increase of 23.1%, the highest since 1991.
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